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Lose weight, look younger, eliminate anxiety and depression AND prevent sickenss and disease GUARANTEED!

 Sean's NEW way of following Keto will completely transform your life all while STILL eating all the foods you LOVE! 

BIG NEWS! For a VERY limited time you can get ALL 3 of Sean's life changing programs with a TON of free bonuses, for one low price. CLICK HERE. 











Are you tired of having low energy?

Frustrated with having the time to cook meals?

Hate being hungry all the time?

Fed up with how you look in the mirror?

Tried dieting before and it just didn't work?

Have you tried Keto and didn't lose weight?

Did you quickly hit a plateau? 


What if I absolutely 100% guaranteed you 


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Sean Christopher, Creator
of Keto Jump Start 

Results ARE typical !


100% Results

You see that guy? Yep that's me. 

I got lazy and ballooned up to 310 pounds. I was absolutely ashamed and embarrassed at myself.

I knew I had to do something. 

So I began a quest to learn everything I could about Keto, because I knew many people were having success on a Keto Diet Plan.  For years I have been studying health and nutrition from the top experts in the world.  After years of struggling through all the false information and misconceptions I finally zeroed in on what REALLY works and the RIGHT way to do Keto. Because guess what? MOST people do Keto wrong and NEVER have results. 

With my program I 100% guarantee you massive results. 

Our Methods

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Our Methods
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Keto Diet Plan

The Keto Jump Start Diet plan is very unique because it's based off 10 years of research from the top experts in the world. MOST people do Keto wrong. 

A quick glance of any Keto group on Facebook will show you hundreds of people talking about how they haven't lose weight on Keto or their progress is stalled. Learn the right foods to eat, the right amount of macros and how to time your meals for maximum fat loss. Get Sean's best selling ebook "How to Lose 10 pounds in 10 days" CLICK HERE.


Fasting, Intermittent Fasting and Mini Fasting are some of the most powerful tools on the planet to super charge your Keto Diet results. With Keto Jump Start you will learn techniques that help you increase your fat burning ability by up to 2000% in only 3 days. 

Learn the optimal time for choosing to intermittent fast as well as techniques to keep your metabolism guessing. 

Learn how "mini fasting" using bone broth is one of the most amazing tools that exists to burn fast rapidly as well as make you look younger by 10 + years within only a few short months. 

Fasting is a miracle cure for both weight loss and anti aging. 

Timed/Fasted Cardio

The time of day that you do your cardio as well as choosing to do fasted or non fasted cardio is the difference between average and massive results.

Keto Jump Start will teach you how to do cardio to maximize your bodies production of Ketones as well as dramatically increase your Human Growth Hormone levels which directly impact fat loss and muscle building.

Keto based Weight Training

Many fitness experts will claim that you can't build muscle on a Ketogenic Diet. But a significant amount of research has proven that to be wrong. Over the years thousands of people following Keto have built significant muscle on Keto. 

In fact Keto Jump Start creator Sean Christopher leg pressed 820 pounds while strictly following a Keto Diet. Learn techniques that will build muscle quickly. 

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