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Fasting Class

The Miracle of Fasting


Do you want to ....


Learn an amazing fasting hack that can help you lose up to 3 pounds a day? 


Learn a type of fasting that will eliminate sickness and disease from the body? Hint: as a nutritionist I've taught this to cancer patients and helped them to become cancer free!


Learn how to fast so you can eliminate depression and anxiety ? Did you know the reason for depression and anxiety is actually poor gut health? I will teach you how to utilize fasting to reverse this and begin to feel BETTER than EVER ! 


Learn how to fast so you can literally reverse the aging process of the body! this is a wild one, within a few short months you will look years younger! 


Do you have knee pain? back pain? or any other pain? Fasting will completely eliminate ALL pain in the body, it's amazing! 


I will also cover many types of fasting such as Intermittent fasting, extended fasting, juice fasting, veggie fasting and SO much more! 


I'm even including a FREE 30 day meal plan that you can incorporate into you fasting routine. DO NOT miss this amazing class! I'm only doing this ONE time so DO NOT miss this! 


The cost to register for this amazing class is only $97

for a limited time. 

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