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If you struggle with ...



…This bestselling program will help you drop unwanted pounds, detox your body, double your energy and discover a new lease on life ! 

KetoISH is the revolutionary new program from social media influencer Sean Christopher. With over 25 years of experience Sean has become one of the most influential voices in the wellness space in 2024. 


Losing weight is now easier than ever using Sean's Science based approach to Keto.
The above results ARE typical ! Following a Ketogenic way of life is now EASIER than EVER! 
If you've tried other diets before and always found yourself hungry, THIS is the right plan for you. Sean will teach you how to make meals that not only are insanely delicious, but are also very satisfying and you will NEVER be hungry again! 
If you've struggled with having the time to cook meals, as a former professional chef, Sean will teach you how to make easy and economical meals that don't take up a lot of your very precious time that we all never have enough of! 
If you've struggled to lose weight because of age or hormonal issues, Sean has VERY easy to follow methods that help to very quickly and easily overcome these issues. The biggest compliment Sean always gets is that he has ALWAYS been able to help anyone male or female overcome ANY obstacle they think has been holding them back. EVERY time Sean's success rate is virtually 100%. 
For over 25 years, Sean has been teaching people how to follow
Keto the RIGHT way! With over 1 million followers on social media, Sean's advice has become some off the most sought after in the world. 

Following Keto doesn't need to be restrictive. In fact with KetoISH Sean will teach you how and when to eat carbs so that they NEVER make you gain weight. Carbs aren't bad, however the type of carbs matter and the timing of which you eat them matters also. 

This NEW way of following Keto will change your life! Not only will
those stubborn pounds melt away, but with Sean's NEW Keto
plan "KetoISH" you will also learn how to prevent cancer, diabetes, heart
disease, Alzheimer's and MUCH more! BUT there's more, Sean's Keto Plan will teach you how to supercharge your energy levels, look younger and quickly alleviate symptom of anxiety and depression. 

Sean's Keto Plan will not only CHANGE your life, it will SAVE your
life, and add MANY quality years to your life. 

This incredible program includes:

* A 90 day comprehensive meal plan that uses the first EVER science based approach to Keto. As a former professional chef, Sean will teach you how to cook mouth watering meals that are filling and help you achieve all your health goals!
Learn how to eat in a way that focuses on managing blood sugar, the key to losing weight on a KetoISH. The best part is you can STILL eat all the foods you love, and you DON'T have to completely give up carbs like most Ketogenic Diet's want you to. 
* Eat to LIVE! Learn what foods are slowly destroying you and your families health. Weed killer (aka Glyphosate) is silently killing people worldwide. The scary part is 93% of school lunches contain glyphosate. It can also be found in foods like Bread, Cheerios, Goldfish Crackers, Oatmeal and so much more. Learn how to AVOID this incredibly dangerous ingredient and you AND your children can live a long and healthy life! 

* A comprehensive Keto cookbook. Learn how to make Keto friendly versions of ALL the foods you love! Even delicious Keto friendly deserts!

* Learn Sean's formula for how to easily lose 30 pounds in only 30 days following Keto the RIGHT way! 

* Sean's Comprehensive Guide to Intermittent Fasting. Learn how to use intermittent fasting to MELT pounds off quickly. Fasting is absolutely NOT required on this program, but this will teach you how to use intermittent fasting as a TOOL to supercharge your fat loss. 

* Sean's Over 40 Fat Cure. Learn how to boost fat burning over the age of 40. Aging does impact weight loss, but there are VERY easy ways to manipulate it to lose weight quickly. Age, hormones and menopause don't need to stall your weight loss when you learn the RIGHT way to follow Keto. 

* Sean's Anti aging program. Did you know there are foods you can eat that actually help reverse the aging process in the body. Sean's meal plan will teach you how to have younger looking skin in as little as 14 days by eating foods that help induce autophagy in the body which regenerates new cells in the body! Not only does this help reverse aging but will also bulletproof you to sickness and disease! 

* For a LIMITED TIME Get 24/7 LIFETIME access to Sean's Private FB coaching group when you start this program TODAY. Yes, this means you get LIFETIME access to FREE coaching from Sean. 

* Learn how to eat Keto "on the go". While eating fast food isn't optimal sometimes we just need a quick solution to being hungry. I will provide you a Keto friendly fast food eating guide, so you can easily follow Keto even when you're on the go.

* Sean's Keto shopping guide. Get a COMPREHENSIVE list of all the foods you can eat to lose weight quickly on Keto. AND even more importantly learn exactly what to eat to prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease, alzheimer's and MUCH MORE! 

* Sean's Keto "drink guide". Learn exactly what type of cocktails, beer and wine you can drink while STILL staying on Keto and losing weight FAST!


Act TODAY and get this entire program along WITH these amazing bonuses.


*BRAND NEW Fall 2024, an AMAZING 10 part video training series ! 


Video 1: Keto101- Learn the basics of a Keto Diet, learn how to burn fat very quickly and effortlessly without exercise!

Video 2: Ketoish - Learn all of the benefits of following a Ketogenic Diet while STILL eating many of the carbs you love. 

Video 3: The role of intermittent fasting - Learn how to use intermittent fasting to boost fat loss by 2000% 

Video 4: How to eliminate anxiety and depression through diet. 

Video 5: The miracle anti aging plan - learn how to use the power of autophagy to look and feel years younger!

Video 6: Go virtual grocery shopping with Sean. 

Video 7: The 12 minute Exercise Miracle Hack -Learn an amazing exercise hack that incinerates fat in less than 12 minutes a day! 

Video 8: The power of fasting - learn techniques that will not only burn fat quickly, but reverse aging and prevent cancer, diabetes, heart disease, alzheimer's and much more. Fasting is a MIRACLE cure for sickness, disease and mental health.

Video 9: Cook with Sean - Sean will teach you techniques to cook amazing, affordable Ketogenic friendly meals. 

Video 10: The Over 40 Fat Cure - age doesn't have to impede progress. Sean will teach you amazing hacks that will supercharge your wellness journey REGARDLESS of your age or health history! 

* Sean's Mindset Transformation Guide - learn how to use the power of your mind to literally have EVERYTHING in life you want. Our subconscious mind literally controls 90% of all our thoughts. The crazy part is our entire subconscious mind is programmed between the ages of 1 and 7. So transforming our mindset can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, but Sean will teach you some amazing techniques to rewire your subconscious mind so you can literally achieve ANYTHING you want in life! 

* Sean's insanely popular "Naked" training guide. This science based approach to body transformation will change your life. Did you know that in only 12 minutes a day, 4 times per week you can DRAMATICALLY change your body composition and finally have the body you've always dream of? It's time to finally be PROUD in your own skin again, and this will teach you EXACTLY how to do that in a VERY short amount of time!  

* Cook with Sean! This is the mother of all bonuses! Learn to cook HUNDREDS of Keto friendly meals from a trained culinary chef! These meals are EASY, economical and mouth wateringly delicious! 

* Sean's Budget Keto Plan - we know not everyone can afford to eat anything they want, so Sean will teach you how to make budget Keto friendly meals that the ENTIRE family will LOVE! 

And for the GRAND FINALE of bonuses you will also get Sean's CARB eating guide. YES you can STILL eat carbs and stay in Ketosis. Sean will give you a comprehensive list of carbs that have LITTLE impact on blood sugar, so you STILL lose weight quickly on this Keto plan. Sean will even teaching you something called carb timing which allows you to eat ANY carbs you want as long as you time when you eat them. 

This is unlike ANY Keto plan you've EVER seen before! 

The value for ALL of this is $2998 BUT for a VERY limited time you get this ENTIRE program for only $98. YES for ONLY $98 you can completely transform your life and you have Sean's 100% money back guarantee that it will be the EASIEST program you've EVER followed ! 

IMPORTANT ! PLEASE NOTE, upon ordering you will be taken to a confirmation screen to download your order. The charge will appear as "Susan Holland dba Keto Jump Start". 
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