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A 12 minute workout transformation challenge that will change your life. 


#NAKED is an INCREDIBLE transformation program that incorporates a 12 minute resistance band workout that will completely transform your body. The program includes meal plans, exercise programs, weekly FB live training sessions, motivation, encouragement and SO much more. 


Train to look good naked.

What if I told you we've been training our bodies all wrong. Heavy weights are a waste of time. The #NAKED workout program only takes 12 minutes a day and it will revolutionize the way you workout. In just a few short months you will be in the best shape of your life. 

What is the #NAKED secret?

As with the Keto Jump Start program, the #NAKED workouts, meal plans and supplementation are based on science. Regular weight training as we know it overloads our joints and underloads our muscles. With the #NAKED program you will learn how to actually workout LESS (12 minutes a day), all while recruiting more muscle, producing higher HGH levels and driving greater gains. The best part is your muscles will grow 3 times faster than ever before. 

No gym? No problem.
The entire program can easily be done at home. 
Join NOW!
Note: The Naked program is included in all of my personal coaching programs.
Simplify your training.
No more guessing or wondering if you're doing the right exercises. When you join #Naked, every workout has proper warm-ups, video tutorials, and conditioning to keep you on the right track. From there, our workout programs will constantly change to keep you on your toes and keep challenging you to be your best.
Accelerate results and recovery. 
With this science based approach to fitness you'll have better results that you ever dreamed possible. And with a proven supplementation plan your recovery will be better than ever. You'll never be sore, because sore isn't actually better. 
Motivate each other with community. 
See the results.
Sean Christopher, Transformational Coach & Entrepreneur
Drive, Determination and Grit. I refuse to lose. 

After trying every diet and workout program under the sun, I enlisted the help of some of the top fitness specialists in the nation along with a research scientist from the University of Florida to create the Keto Jump Start program.

I'm proud to announce the launch of #NAKED to really help people completely transform their bodies. With today's busy lifestyles we need something that's easy to follow but works and #NAKED is just that. 

I promise this program will completely transform your life. In fact I've put an entire lifetime of knowledge into this program so I'm beyond excited to help YOU achieve your dream. 

-Much love, Sean 
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For a VERY limited time the entire #NAKED program is included in both my 90 day coaching program and the 21 day kick start program. 
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