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Keto Mac and Cheese

This Keto friendly version of Mac and Cheese will have you drooling for more! and you won't miss the real thing!

Happy New Year! another year is upon us! are you ready to become the BEST version of you possible in 2023? Are you ready to look and feel better than EVER before? With a new year upon us and summer quickly approaching there is no better time than NOW to start Sean's Keto Program. This is the EXACT blueprint Sean used to lose 90 pounds in only 4 months. The program is HUGELY discounted right now but won't be for long. CLICK HERE.



  • Butter, for baking dish

  • 2 medium heads cauliflower, cut into florets

  • 2 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

  • Kosher salt

  • 1 c. heavy cream

  • 6 oz. cream cheese, cut into cubes

  • 4 c. shredded cheddar

  • 2 c. shredded mozzarella

  • 1 tbsp. hot sauce (optional)

  • Freshly ground black pepper


  • 4 oz. pork rinds, crushed

  • 1/4 c. freshly grated Parmesan

  • 1 tbsp. extra-virgin olive oil

  • 2 tbsp. freshly chopped parsley, for garnish


  1. Step 1 Preheat oven to 375° and butter a 9”-x-13” baking dish. In a large bowl, toss cauliflower with 2 tablespoons oil and season with salt. Spread cauliflower onto two large baking sheets and roast until tender and lightly golden, about 40 minutes.

  2. Step 2 Meanwhile, in a large pot over medium heat, heat cream. Bring up to a simmer, then decrease heat to low and stir in cheeses until melted. Remove from heat, add hot sauce if using and season with salt and pepper, then fold in roasted cauliflower. Taste and season more if needed.

  3. Step 3 Transfer mixture to prepared baking dish. In a medium bowl stir to combine pork rinds, Parmesan, and oil. Sprinkle mixture in an even layer over cauliflower and cheese.

  4. Step 4 Bake until golden, 15 minutes. If desired, turn oven to broil to toast topping further, about 2 minutes.

  5. Step 5 Garnish with parsley before serving.

Nutrition (per serving): 665 calories, 34 g protein, 12 g carbohydrates, 3 g fiber, 5 g sugar, 55 g fat, 29 g saturated fat, 1,151 mg sodium

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