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The reason Apple Cider Vinegar MASSIVELY boosts weight loss!

Does apple cider vinegar helps you lose weight? HECK YES !

And it tremendously helps with a number of other things as well.

One big myth about ACV is that it’s loaded with nutrients. It actually has none, however what it does have is acetic acid. And why does that help? Most people’s bodies are too acidic.

And that’s why apple cider vinegar works so well. By changing your bodies PH just slightly you can create huge effects, it transports minerals, allows enzymes to work, stimulates thyroid and increases metabolism.

One of the reason ACV is great on a Keto Diet is that it helps your body to better digest protein. But let’s be honest it doesn’t taste great, so I will typically put a tablespoon of ACV in water, which makes it taste much better!

One thing that many don’t realize is one of the top reasons our bodies become too alkaline is because of stress. Stress releases cortisol in the body and that increases the alkalinity in the body. So because of this, drinking alkaline water, contrary to what many think and know is actually a very bad idea.

Another benefit of ACV is for cramping or what we sometimes call a Charlie Horse. It also helps with nerve pain and arthritis.

When our bodies are acidic it causes our bodies to lose Potassium. Potassium is very important to the body. If you have any of the following symptoms you very well may have low Potassium:

High blood pressure, constipation, feeling of weakness, fatigue, irregular heartbeat. Start taking ACV and you’ll have a significant impact on all of those issues.


Another huge benefit of ACV is that it provides a significant boost to our immune system ! The acidic acid in the ACV boosts our immune system.

Now here’s my favorite part. As a Health Coach I tell all my clients about this. I call it the Magic Weight Loss Cocktail. I recommend drinking it right before every meal.

You simply put 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar and 1 Tablespoon of lemon juice in water and BAM that’s it. One option is to add some fresh ginger or ginger extra to it for another boost.

So start making Apple Cider Vinegar a part of your daily routine and watch the amazing benefits you get from it.

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1 Comment

Mike Adams
Mike Adams
Apr 14, 2023

i love it ty Sean

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