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Your Focus Will Always Determine Your Destination

Have you tried losing weight and failed?

Have you started losing weight and got stuck and quit?

Your FOCUS will always determine your DESTINATION.

Oh wow, that's good Sean, say that again. Ok I will.

Your focus will always determine your destination. So here's how to literally rewire your brain for success.

It all starts with Focus. It's a scientific fact that what you focus on you create more of. A simple concept but far more powerful that you'd ever imagine.

Part of the reason it can be a challenging concept is because we become so attached to the way things "are" We don't actually want to believe that life could be "easy" for us because then we'd have to give up the right to feel sorry for ourselves, which in turn makes us fully responsible for our lives, so instead we make excuses for "the way things are."

And then we end up focusing on the very things that we don't want, therefore creating more of it.

I saw a phrase one time that blew me away.

Worry is praying for stuff you don't want.


So you focus on the worst possible scenario and lots of emotions and past failures come up and with precise precision, guess what? You get exactly what you were focused on.

Over the years I've coached thousands of people and taught them how to lose weight and get into amazing shape. I have a 100% success rate with the ones who believe they can and about a 30% success rate with the ones who don't. I hate that, because I want everyone to succeed.

So if you're struggling to believe that you can really be happy and have it all, this is for you.

Want some good news? If you're good at worrying you're in just the right place. That just means your focus muscle is on point ;) We just need to focus you in a different direction.

So let's say you're 50 pounds overweight, you've been trying various diet plans for around 10 years now, you hate eating healthy, you don't like to exercise and you're a huge fan of American Idol. Just kidding on the last part.

Choosing to focus on the above things does the following:

  • You are anchored in the belief that you can't lose weight.

  • You constantly trigger thoughts of how hopeless your situation is.

  • You push away the very things that are good for you

  • You active emotions of sadness, unworthiness and failure

  • You have a poster of Ryan Seacrest in your bedroom (still kidding

Do you see where I'm going with this?

So here's how you shift your focus. You change the story.

"I may not always have been successful at losing weight in the past, but I have had some success so I know it's possible."

"I'm excited to embark on this new weight loss program and I'm confident it's going to be a huge success."

"I may have had some past failures but those are behind me and I know it's going to be different this time, I got this."

"I know I can find foods that are healthy for me that I will enjoy"

"Exercise may not be my favorite thing but anyone can walk for 15-20 minutes so I'll start there."

"Sean is the greatest Keto coach on planet earth and I love his bald tanned head." (Ok had to throw one more joke in there)

This new perspective allows you to anchor your belief in the fact that you can and will succeed. That it won't be hard, and you can even enjoy it. It triggers thoughts of success and worth. It activates thoughts of joy, hope and excitement. And lastly it inspires you to give this your all.

You change your focus to the positive aspects of what you have going for you now and your desire to see changes along with the belief system that you can make these changes and now you've aligned your energy to create change in your life.

Begin to visualize a bigger life for yourself. Stop focusing on what you don't want and focus on what you do want.

You got this. I believe in you.


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